Why You Follow Your Heart in Your Decisions


It’s amazing to follow your heart. Follow Your Heart It makes you feel amazing just by listening, if you have to take the right decision in any circumstances in your life, then follow your heart.

The Heart is Always Right

If you do not listen to the heart, you will feel incomplete somewhere. If our decision was taken by mistake also proves wrong then we feel very sad. And then thinking the same thing, I already felt that something like this would happen and it happened.

We need time to decide on anything. Cannot decide anything suddenly. Especially if you have to take a big decision, more time is needed. It also takes time to hear the decision of the heart. Because our heart also needs time to make a decision because the answer of the heart always comes late but comes true.

In other words, if you have listened to your heart, then you will have to face the problem very little and there will be peace in your heart and if you listen to the mind, then you will only feel a few moments of happiness. You will have to erase the remaining life.

Confused for Decisions


With time, many times we face such a situation that if we decide, how to take it? Will his result be good or bad? What and how much loss will it cause? May it not cause great harm to my life. Many such questions stand together in our hearts and minds, what to do and what not to do, it does not make sense.

Many times there is a lot of time to decide, but sometimes even 1 minute is not available for decision. We are left wondering what to do if we do it? So that all is well with us.

Follow Your Heart and Trust Your Heart in Life

follow your heart
follow your heart

The decisions taken by the mind have proved very good at times and failed many times. But heartfelt decisions have often been successful. Because our heart makes the right decision because it knows us very well. He also knows what we can and cannot do.

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Nobody’s argument runs in front of time. The time comes and goes without telling. When it comes to decision making, the decision should be taken very thoughtfully. If you still do not understand, then we should call our family members and share the problems in front of them and take the opinion of all and decide. That would make our decisions far less wrong. Everyone will also give us respect and look at it from a positive perspective.

Result of Decision

We get happy when the result is proved to be good, and if we are proved wrong, the same people go on hearing stupid things, but both of these are necessary for our lives. Because every moment you get to learn a lot. By doing this, we move slowly in life and achieve the Key To Success on day 1 and that moment becomes a very precious moment for us.

Everyone likes to hear the praise of themselves when the decision is proved to be good, but no one likes to hear the nonsense of their people when it is proved wrong. But those who like us consider us as their own, the same people can call us this good and bad because the same people can understand where we were wrong? When it is understood, then do not take wrong decisions and can avoid all the nonsense.

Here too we should implement the line of following your heart.

The people we have heard rubbish will not make us feel good, but that is a very good thing for us. Because their nonsense is their response to us, and they have not been answered incorrectly. We give them the same respect that we should. By doing this we also become partners of getting respect. The same people are interested in taking our life forward.

That is why everyone should be respected no matter what the decision may be wrong but not us. You can improve the decision and not improve the heart-to-heart injury.

Before Taking Decision

If we have to take any decision in a short time and in the non-attendance of the family member, then below are some points, keeping them in mind, we can also take the decision in a short time.

  • What is more important for whom?
  • I believe in myself that I am going to do right.
  • Be prepared to face the consequences if the decision turns out to be wrong.
  • The decision will not change after the decision.
  • Follow your heart because he knows it all.

To get something in life, one has to lose something and it happens once with all. Something like this, something we have no intention of doing but we have to make some heavy decisions to make our people happy, but also follow your heart because you are always right when making decisions.

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Well, the mind has a very deep and old relationship with the heart. They are also related to each other, but due to time we also feel that it is both enemies but nothing like this happens. Judgment is also in its place and the mind-heart is right in their place. Just because of time and circumstances, a human being gets trapped.

After Follow Your Heart

No one in the world knows how our decision will prove. Only God knows. It is also not necessary to have everything on time.

When the world sees one of your right or wrong decisions, it’s also understood, learns what to do if we have time to take such a decision.

It is written in the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta that if any problem is born in your life, then a solution to the problem is also born with it. It means to say that there is no need to panic at all from the problems we face in life, but the problem teaches a lot like if you follow the path of your heart then maybe the problem will come down.

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If after making any kind of decision you feel that this decision taken by me is not right, then you can only trust God. By trusting in God, you can move forward. Because God loves us the most in this world. No one loves us more than God, so life can be spent with the help of God if there is no support from anyone.

Whether you trust anyone or not, always follow your heart. Because he is closest to you. He knows your nature, your likes-dislikes, your way of living, and much more.

By following the formula of following your heart, you can wish for auspiciousness in life, otherwise, it is always with everyone, just we don’t have to listen to people. We have to listen to our hearts now follow your heart in your life.


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